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Women's klapa of the Folklore Ensemble Lindjo - FA Lindjo - was founded in February 2000 at the initiative of the ensemble's female dancers. Vedran Ivanković, Lindjo ensemble musician at the time, took over the artistic leadership. Today, Vedran is a successful and awarded artistic director of the klapa and the ensemble’s choir. The klapa debuted in front of the audience in August of 2000, when the Folklore Ensemble marked its 35th anniversary.
Living the Dalmatian klapa song, through 16 years of singing, the klapa has held a series of independent concerts, performed at numerous festivals, concerts, klapa gatherings, competitions, radio and TV shows, both in Croatia and abroad. The greatest success of the klapa occurred at the most prestigious competition, which gathers the best Croatian klapas - Festival of the Dalmatian Klapa in Omis. Out of 18 prizes won at this competition, the two most important are from 2009 - the award for the overall victory by the expert judges, and by the audience (the Golden Shield and the Golden Leut with the crest of Omiš). The most important international success was the golden medal at the 13th International Festival of Choir Singing in Verona (Italy).
Numerous successes, some thirty awards, and several hundreds of performances prove that their quality is recognized both by the music critics and the audience, which has favored them from the very start. A critic's words about their singing: “Klapa of the Folklore Ensemble Lindjo deserves every praise with their intonation stability, strength and freshness of the voice, synchronicity and refinement of the performance, and the choice of repertoire.” (Ivana Tomic-Feric).
The most prominent album in their discography is certainly “Mediterranean Sounds – Croatia's Mystic Voices FA Lindjo. It is the first Super Audio CD of the klapa, recorded in 2003 with the help of Nenad Bach and John Holbrook, who is a multiple Grammy winner.
By performing independently throughout Croatia and abroad, and participating in the prominent klapa eventsm the women's klapa of the Folklore Ensemble Lindjo exhibits great enthusiasm and will for promoting the cultural heritage. On the one hand, they are very professional in understanding and interpreting the music of Croatian heritage, but on the other, they are also blessed with unity, friendship and joy, and they are truly happy to present their city and their country. FA Lindjo has performed at all editions of the Aklapela Festival.

Awards and recognitions:
- Festival of Dalmatian Klapas, Omis / 18 awards
- Festival of Dalmatian Klapas, Omis 2009 / Absolute winners
- International Festival of Choir Singing, Verona, Italy, 2002 / Gold award

The members of the klapa are:
Lina Ivanković - 1st soprano
Ana Bačić Vukota - 2nd soprano
Luči Vierda - 2nd soprano
Paula Lazarević - 1st alto
Margarita Dundić - 1st alto
Fani Favro Bukvić - 2nd alto
Marija Puljić - 2nd alto
Ivela Matičević - 2nd Alto
The director of the women's klapa of the Folklore Ensemble Lindjo is Vedran Ivanković.

Official web site: http://http://www.lindjo.hr/klape

Participants of: Aklapela 2012, Aklapela 2013, Aklapela 2014, Aklapela 2015, Aklapela 2016 , Aklapela 2017, Aklapela 2018, Aklapela 2019

Aklapela 2019

ARMORIN - Zagreb
FA LINĐO - Dubrovnik
GRDELIN - Zagreb
KAŠE - Dubrovnik
MRIŽA - Split
VINČACE - Novi Vinodolski

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