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, Zagreb     

Klapa Grdelin was founded in Zagreb in February 2002 and through the 11 years of its existence and work it has been researching and enriching gradually its repertoire performed on different concerts and festivals. The repertoire covers authentic Dalmatian songs artistically interpreted by famous composers and ethno musicians such as J. Gotovac, Lj. Stipišić, D. Fio, D. Tambača and others, and also interpretations of the popular contemporary music as well as traditional folk Lent chants, Christmas songs and carols.  Inexhaustible dwell of songs this klapa finds in rich musical heritage of the City of Split and its surroundings.

Since its first year of existence klapa continuously participates at the Festival of the Dalmatian Klapa in Omiš, and they performed in the Finals for several times (in 2002, and continuously from 2005 till nowadays). In 2006 klapa Grdelin shered the first place on the Evenings of the authentic songs, won the second place by the expert jury, and the Silver Leut of the City of Omiš in the Finals of male vocal groups’ category.  In 2009 klapa won the Bronze Leut, and in 2010 and 2011 they were awarded with the Silver Leut.

Klapa participated at numerous concerts (Klapa concert of the City of Zagreb, Christmas concert of the klapas from Zagreb, Lent concerts, author’s concerts, charity performances),  collaborated with groups Kries, Elemental and Croatian singer Ivo Gamulin Gianni. Klapa Grdelin also performed in Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Greece, Poland, Ireland, Germany, SAD, France, Italy and Spain as well as numerous festival and klapa gatherings within the country.

Klapa Grdelin held numerous evening concerts, and just to mention the latest in Paris on the festival ''Croatie, la voici'' and “Villes de Musiques du Monde'' in October 2012.

Members of the klapa are:

Andro Bojanić – 1st tenor
Marko Dobrica – 2nd tenor
Dražen Kurilovčan – 2nd tenor
Mario Alajbeg - baritone
Dinko Uglešić - baritone
Tomislav Šiša - bass
Frane Grubišić - bass

The artistic director of the klapa Grdelin is Frane Kuss.

Participants of: Aklapela 2013, Aklapela 2019

Aklapela 2019

ARMORIN - Zagreb
FA LINĐO - Dubrovnik
GRDELIN - Zagreb
KAŠE - Dubrovnik
MRIŽA - Split
VINČACE - Novi Vinodolski

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