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, Župa dubrovačka     

With the founding of the klapa Subrenum in 1992 began a story of their members, true promoters of klapa singing - the true treasure of Croatian culture. The name of the klapa comes from the old name of the place Župa dubrovačka – “sub brenum”. The first musical steps of this klapa also marked the beginning of the creation of a music icon of the Dubrovnik's traditional art.
The dedicated work, which is demonstrated in the harmony of the sound, and the refined sense of interpretation of this, most demanding form of Dalmatian song, has resulted in numerous awards and recognitions, which made them a prominent member of Croatian klapa family. They performed for the first time at the Festival of the Dalmatian Klapas in Omiš in 1994. At Omiš Festival they won awards in 2003 (second prize of the audience, and the third prize of the expert judges), and in 2004 (third prize of the expert judges). In addition, at the "Evening of New Compositions" in 2010, Krešimir Magdić and klapa Subrenum won both the first prize of the expert judges and the first prize of the audience. In the last couple of years they have been performing throughout Croatia and abroad – in Slovenia, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, and the United States, where they presented the beauty of authentic Dalmatian and Dubrovnik song with great success.
These enthusiasts, enchanted by the Dalmatian song, decided to include instrumental music to their repertoire in 1997 (mandolin, mandola, mandoloncello, guitar and double bass), and in this way continued to cherish the tradition and the unique musical forms of Dubrovnik. By doing that, they have also gained a greater acknowledgement in the klapa circles.
Their first discography venture was the release of the album titled “Župčice lijepa”. However, their second album, “Dubrovniče, stari grade”, is the golden crown of Subrenum's successful ten-year work. Their third album, “Ljepost ne umire nigda”, which includes covers of the popular tunes of Dubrovnik's musicians with a piano accompaniment, was released in 2007. At the end of 2011, their fourth album was released, titled “Ako sada spavaš”. It is an audio recording of the 20th anniversary concert of klapa Subrenum, released by Croatia Records.
Klapa Subrenum has participated at all previous editions of the Aklapela Festival.

Awards and recognitions:
- Festival of Dalmatian songs Kaštela 2016. / First award by the Jury
- International Festival of Folk Music and Dance 'Interfolk', Saint Petersburg, 2010 / Four golden awards
- Festival of Dalmatian Klapas, Omis, 2010 /Evening of new compositions, First award by both the Jury and Audience
- International Festival of Advent and Christmas songs, Prague, Czech Republic, 2006 / Golden award
- International Festival of Choir Singing, Verona, Italy, 2002 / Golden award

Members of the klapa are:
Miho Žitković – 1st tenor
Vlaho Klokoč – 2nd tenor
Josip Pregelj – 2nd tenor
Šime Lukšić – baritone
Boris Butrica – baritone
Mario Klokoč – bass
Mario Nadilo – bass
Vicko Dragojevic - bass
Artistic associates: Mo. Kresimir Magdić and Vicko Dragojević

Official web site: http://www.subrenum.hr

Participants of: Aklapela 2012, Aklapela 2013, Aklapela 2014, Aklapela 2015, Aklapela 2016 , Aklapela 2017, Aklapela 2018

Aklapela 2019

ARMORIN - Zagreb
FA LINĐO - Dubrovnik
GRDELIN - Zagreb
KAŠE - Dubrovnik
MRIŽA - Split
VINČACE - Novi Vinodolski

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